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P.O. Box 584, Marion, AR 72364

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Please support our rescue efforts!



PAWS of Marion's vet bills are well over $10,000  annually. Recently, there have been many dogs surrendered to our rescue that could not make it without medical treatment. We need help.


We know that helping pay off a vet bill is not as romantic as sponsoring a specific dog - but access to vet care is CRITICAL to our rescue efforts.


We receive no county, state, or federal funding to assist with our bills. We are dependent on those who share our mission and believe in what we do. We believe that every pet that enters our doors deserves love and care, regardless of their physical condition.


We work hard to get them on their way to becoming healthy, happy, and headed for their forever homes.  Please help us to help them. 


If we cannot pay our vet bills - we cannot continue to help the dogs who need us the most.


Your contribution to PAWS goes straight to work helping hundreds of dogs that come through our rescue each year.


90% of the adult dogs that we rescue test positive for Heartworm disease and require life-saving treatment that costs $250-$400 per dog on top of basic vet care (spay/neuter, vaccines, de-worming).


We also take in many special-needs cases that require thousands of dollars worth of surgery.  Through our Guardian Angel program you have helped us to save "hopeless" cases such as Bagel,  Ivy and Jadea.  We love to give these throw away dogs happy endings - but cannot afford to do so without your help.


Our only funding comes from dog lovers such as you and out of our own pockets.


Saving lives and providing healing... And your gift today makes all these good things possible.


Thank you for caring about the animals!

Donations via mail can be sent to:

People for Animal Welfare (PAWS)
P.O. Box 584
Marion, AR 72364



As a private rescue reliant on the generosity of strangers to survive, we are always in need of material donations. For instance - we purchase 150-200 lbs of dog food each week out of pocket just to keep our pups at a healthy weight - we need your help!


Below is our current wish list.  If you are interested in making an in-kind donation please contact Lisa, 901-826-0292, or email: 



  • High quality dog food
  • Dog crates
  • Puppy pens
  • Fencing
  • Tarps
  • Heartworm and Flea Tick prevention
  • Leftover dog medications (antibiotics, pain killers, dewormer, ear cleaner, etc)
  • Collars
  • Leashes
  • Blankets & Towels
  • Doy Toys
  • Foster homes
  • Rescues